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With a teaching qualification in French & Linguistics, a degree level Diploma in French and a Master's degree level Diploma in Translation (French>English, semi specialized options Science & Technology), I have the qualifications necessary to claim to be a professional translator. I also have considerable experience in the field, having been working as a translator for two decades.

This is backed up by my full membership of

The Chartered Institute of Linguists

In addition to non-specialised text, the following non-exclusive list of fields is within my normal range:

  • Technical texts
    Within this domain are included engineering, automotive, electrical & construction.
    All texts are carefully studied to ensure that the subject area is fully comprehended and the vocabulary does not present excessive difficulties.
  • Legal texts
    If you are buying or selling property in France I can deal with the resulting legal documents. I can also work on business contracts, such as calls for tender, sales agreements, industrial project agreements, etc., such as agreements which include a large section on the technical specifications of the project.I also have experience of translation of family legal documents (BMD certification, divorce proceeedings, etc.).

    A large recent translation was a contract for a large scale construction & engineering project for a north African government owned company. The task therefore combined both the legal and technical aspects.
  • Tourism & French culture
    Less than a dozen of France's 100 départements have escaped my tread. Of the remaining few, even some of those I have passed through, if not lingering long enough to get a real flavour of the area. So my knowledge of the country is extensive. One tourist brochure referred to a certain "pont". Local knowledge told me that this was, in fact, an aqueduct rather than a bridge, thus enabling me to give a more accurate translation. In addition, geography having been one of my strong points at secondary school and having visited 20 or more countries in Europe, I have a broad knowledge of Europe in general.
  • Certified Translation
    Many bodies, such as government departments, insurance companies, the courts, etc., require translations of documents supplied to support any matter to be carried out and certified by a translator who is a member of a recognized professional body.
    No matter how well you speak both languages involved, a translation you have done yourself is not acceptable to them.
    As a member of the CIOL, I can supply the necessary certification for a small extra charge. The finished 'package' will consist of the translation, a copy of the original document(s) and the certification all bound together. Some bodies will now accept electronic copies of the certification and that can be provided, where acceptable.
  • Translation of other languages
    In addition to French, I studied Spanish to "A" Level, speak fairly good German and some Italian (not to mention a smattering of 5 other languages and a scattering of words in a few others).
    I can competently deal with such Spanish documents as birth and marriage certificates to a professional level and can offer translatons from the other languages mentioned if needed simply for private understanding of the text.
  • Text, file formats & software
    Text to be translated can be sent by email or a hard copy.
    Where possible a Word file makes life easier and quicker to process. Pdf, Powerpoint presentation, Excel & HTML formats are also acceptable. Note, however, that a pdf or scanned image does normally involve the use of OCR software to make the text accessible and lengthens the lead time. Whilst this may be an insignificant time in proportion to that for the whole project, if the document is many thousands of words long, it should be borne in mind.
    The use of Translation memory software (Trados) adds consistency to the finished translation.
  • Important note
    Commissions are not accepted that stretch my competence to breaking point. Rather than struggle, end up doing a poor job and thus tarnish my reputation, I will try to help you find a more suitable translator or direct you to the CIOL or ITI, which both have databases of translators, their language combinations and their specialties.
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